Six Key Ways Your Profile Should be Different from a Single Guy’s

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"Don't follow the path of a single man"

“Don’t follow the path of a single man” 

When you’re hitting the streets as a taken man, you have to play the game a little differently. The tricks that worked to land you the woman you’re with now aren’t going to work again. Trying to date like a single man is why most men who are trying to score some on the side either fail or get caught. To avoid capture and to bag the women you want, you should change your approach. These six ways are the biggest things you can do to change your profile from single guy to committed man, and get the women who love that. Online dating is the easiest ways to score women if you know how to do it.

Profile Location

"Scope out the best sites to create your profile"

“Scope out the best sites to create your profile” 

You’re fine using general dating sites as a single guy. You can scope out the best women, hit on three dozen at once, and none of them have to know about each other. On the surface, it sounds like this would be the best place to find women now that you’re looking for extra. The truth is that it’s not. If you really want to keep your profile out of the prying eyes of people who feel like they should be telling your main woman, you should head to a cheater’s only site like Your other best bet? Looking into hook up only sites, where the emphasis is put on sex and flings rather than love or romance. Those ladies don’t ask a lot of questions and don’t expect a lot of commitment.

No More Nice Guy Image

When you’re trying to find Ms. Right, you focus on showcasing what a great guy you are. You talk up your hobbies, your philosophical side, and make it clear how much you’d love to talk about your feelings and stuff that women like. When you’re looking to pick up a side chick, you need to cut that right out of your profile. Instead of selling the idea of yourself, sell what you can do for them. Talk up the amount of cash you could spend, or that you wouldn’t need much of their time but you’d be doing great stuff in it. Talk about the hobbies your wife wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole, like teaching her to surf or rock climb. Showcase yourself in terms of what you could do for them, instead of who you could be with them. Whether you’re on the best cheater dating site looking for a sex only fling or a woman on the side to have fun and kick up your heels with, the emphasis should be on activities and experiences, not the gooey romance of who you really are.

The Pick Up Profile Pic

"This profile picture would attract a lot of women"

“This profile picture would attract a lot of women” 

Don’t waste your time with a winning smile; flash those abs instead. As part of the “sell what you can do, not who you are” package, make sure that your profile pic features something exciting. Whether that’s taking the camera to the gun show with some bicep flexing or a pic of you skydiving, windsurfing, or whatever it is you do that sets you apart from the crowd is up to you. What you want to avoid is the warm smile into the camera stuff; you’re not here to win hearts, just snag bodies and good times.

Of course, a lot of the same profile pic tips still apply. Some, even more. Not only should you make sure that the background of your pic is clear of mess and clutter, you should also make sure it’s clear of feminine stuff. You don’t want your picture full of the womanly touches a committed girlfriend leaves around your place. If there’s bath salts on the counter in your bathroom quick pic, that’s going to ring a few alarm bells for observant ladies. Stick to manly backgrounds, and maybe consider getting your bathroom mirror shots in at the gym locker room rather than at home.

Your Contact Info

"Keep separate passwords for all your profiles and mails"

“Keep separate passwords for all your profiles and mails” 

When you’re single, you want to make it as easy as possible for women to get a hold of you. Not anymore. Now that you’re playing with a handicap, the rules have changed. No phone numbers, and not the same email address. In fact, try to get an email address your woman wouldn’t even think to look for. If you’re usually a Gmail man, for example, make your new contact address a Yahoo account. Break every pattern you’ve ever set.

Don’t check your email from your smartphone. Its super tempting to check it on the sly. You think that, because you keep your phone with you all the time, it’s safe. This could not be less true. The first place your woman is going to look if she thinks that you’re fooling around is your phone. Every single time. It’s easier to clear your browser history on your computer than it is on your phone. And phone numbers? Most smartphones these days don’t even autodelete text messages. You could try getting a tracphone, but only if you’re certain your main woman’s never going to find out about it. Nothing quite says “I’m cheating on you!” like having a second cell phone. Try to resist the temptation to check in with your flings any time during the day, and save it for when you can boot your computer up in private and see what they’ve been up to. Anticipation makes everything sweeter. In an instant gratification world taking things a little bit slower will increase the pleasure you get from hooking up on the side.

With that in mind, make sure that you’re browsing in incognito mode when you wander over to or another hook up or cheating site.

No More Beating Around the Bush

"Get straight to the point"

“Get straight to the point” 

The game is a lot simpler now that you’re just looking for extra. You can stop the pandering, the lying, and the rest. In a way, you can be more honest now than ever before. When you’re on the best cheater dating site, you don’t have to pretend that you want a real relationship if you don’t. If you just want sex, you’re free to say so. If you want a weekends in the big city girlfriend, you can be clear that’s what you expect. Either way, you can be upfront about what you want or any woman who isn’t okay with it can take a walk.

You are Free to be Choosy

This is a mentality shift. When you’re single, you’re more willing to take what you can get. You may be looking for the perfect girlfriend, but you’ll make stops along the way. Now that you have your main woman, though, your needs in a side lady are very specific. You don’t have to go out for hamburger when you have steak at home; you can make sure that anyone you hook up with is also a steak. Because you’re not desperate, and that fact alone should make a huge difference in how you operate.

These profile tips and facts of life should help you build the best profile on the best cheater dating site around. Find your individual needs and fill them. Make sure that a site is legit before uploading a profile. Visit to learn more about scam sites. You’re not dating like a single guy anymore; clearly, you’ve got a lot to offer because you do have that main woman in your life. Let that build your confidence, and start your quest for that side lady today.

Introducing Her to E-sports

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"If she likes gaming, she will love it"

“If she likes gaming, she will love it” 

Sharing your hobbies is an integral part of any relationship. Getting her to enjoy them with you, however, can be a little more work than you might first expect. Of course, when it comes to something like E-sports professional gaming, it helps if she already has an interest in video games, or something similar. The chances of getting her to even try watching any of it with you if she does not share a similar interest already is pretty slim, but with care you can get her to at least understand why it is you like it so much. There is never a guarantee that whoever you end up dating will like everything you do, but there are some ways that improve your chances. So, choose your PUA path accordingly. It all depends on Who You Are and Who You Want to Be: Be Your Best Online Self. Become the hookup master, you always dreamt of becoming with the help of your onlinepersonalsguide.

Show Her the Game First

"Find out if she would like to play a game like this"

“Find out if she would like to play a game like this” 

When it comes to introducing someone to a professional E-sports league, it is always best to start with introducing her to the game itself. This does not even have to be as in depth as looking for information about online personals, either. If she is already interested in video games, great! Just tell her about the game and encourage her to try it out or play it with you. The more your hobbies align on this sort of thing, the greater your chance for success. It is important to keep in mind, however, that a lot of people have a hard time transitioning from the thought of playing a video game for fun to watching other people play it for fame and fortune.

This seems to have a lot more to do with the simple fact that there are still quite a few people of dating age that were not necessarily brought up with gaming in the same way most everyone was brought up on sports. For a lot of us, video games are just another part of our lives in the same way football, swimming, and rugby were. For others, however, the notion of physical prowess is very much separated from that of playing a video game. In the United Kingdom and elsewhere, you learn to respect someone who is very physically capable, and sometimes we eventually learn to praise intellectual prowess as well. Video games, however, are stuck in a nebulous in-between field that many people just do not know how to view in a professional light. Because of this, you should really expect her to have some difficulty shifting from learning about the game itself to watching other people play it skillfully.

Keep the Excitement Level High

"Don't let the excitement level fall down"

“Don’t let the excitement level fall down” 

One of the ways to help put things in a better perspective for her is to stay excited yourself. This can be difficult because, really, who has that much energy? We really cannot over emphasize how much this helps, though. Anyone who is interested in you is going to be affected by your level of engagement in things as well. That is how people who otherwise be disinclined to try something would be willing to look into something you like and try to understand it even a little bit. Remember, for her, you are the equivalent of finding information about online personals when you need to figure out which site to use. That is to say, you are her basis of comparison. This is true for skill level as much as it is interest. If you cannot keep up a high level of excitement at last about the professional matches themselves if not the chance to introduce her to it all, the chances that she is going to become deeply engaged herself are pretty low.

Watch a Match You Know Was Good

"Show a good match to get her more interested"

“Show a good match to get her more interested” 

Often times, when people try to convince someone to watch any sort of sporting event with them, they do it by dragging them out to a live match. While there is certainly something to be said for the energy level of a football match in the United Kingdom that you won’t be able to experience from a replay alone, the same is not necessarily true of E-sports. Professional video game matches are often going to have a similar feel whether you watch them in person or at your computer. Might as well make the most of it and start her off with something that really shows why it is worth watching in the first place.

Find a game that was a real nail bitter, or something with a crazy comeback, or a setup that was just ridiculous, but somehow one anyway, and make those games the first ones she sees. This is your chance to really showcase what it is like to watch a match when they first stream online and know it is going to be something good and convincingly. Never chance her first introduction on a live match that you cannot be sure will be worth the time or effort. Just because it is a video game does not mean it is not just as likely as another sport to have one team completely crush another. While that might be decent entertainment for someone who is already into watching matches like this, for someone new it really won’t mean much at all. In fact, it is more likely to just prove it is not worth watching.

Introduce Her to the Personalities

"She would love to meet a gaming personality like Lindsay Ferguson"

“She would love to meet a gaming personality like Lindsay Ferguson” 

One of the easiest ways to get really attached to any sport is to get attached to the people involved. Sometimes that is a charismatic team, and sometimes it’s that train wreck of a player no one can look away from on or off the field. Whatever the case may be, introducing her to the various personalities of the sport is a good way to get her interested in following the games they are involved in. While it is not quite as easy as watching more traditional sports, it is still worth considering. Sports personalities are like finding information about online personals when you first start considering online dating. They give you something to focus on and provide a basis for understanding everything else that is going on.

Aside from provide a good transition into actually watching the game, appealing to her natural inclination for social interaction will at least give her some way to engage in the same activity even if she does not end up wanting to watch the matches. How does this help? It at least provides something for you both to discuss either during or often the games, for one thing. More importantly, though, is that it makes her more willing to accept the fact that this is something you are really involved in or at least a big fan of because she can understand at least part of the interest herself if she finds the people interesting outside of the game. This way ensures that, at the very least, she is not going to chafe at the idea of you spending a few hours a couple of days a week watching the professional matches and cheering on your team. The more she understands the personalities involved, the easier it will be for her to relate it to the professional sports world that already exists in popular culture as well. The easier it is for her to manage that, the more likely she will eventually come around to being able to watch it with you.

5 Ways To Make Sure Your Blogs Is Read

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When developing content on a blog, the main goal is to make it be read by as many people as possible. However, the greatest challenge that many people face is to develop a blog that can be read over and over by different readers. It is by developing such content that your audience will have the motivation and courage to read and share the content with their followers and friends. Below are five ways you can make your blog be read.

Use an engaging tone throughout the blog

It is worth noting that very few people enjoy reading blogs that are entirely academic or free of all tone. This makes it necessary for you to develop a blog that is appealing to your targeted audience. Your content should appeal to your audience at their individual level. Allow the content you develop to engage your readers one on one. For the blog to be more engaging, do not provide content that just provide facts. It should be more conversational in order to make the readers feel involved and be part of the writing process. The entire writing should have a friendly and accessible tone and should just sound like you.

10 easy ways to make sure your article gets read

10 easy ways to make sure your article gets read

Provide high value and informative content

People read your content for a reason. One of the main reasons why people read your content is to learn or see something that they have not seen or read before. This brings in the informative aspect of the blog. Therefore, in order for your blog to be read more, it is necessary to ensure that it is as informative as possible. Demonstrate high level of expertise in any topic you provide to your readers. Avoid providing content that takes away the image of professionalism that you are expected to have by your readers.

Make your blog easy to share

Many people will not go in the way of sharing your blog because most surfers like to move on to the next one as fast as possible. You need to have a sharing button in each of your post and offer a variety of sites and social networks in which your content can be shared. The more a blog is shared, the more it will be read over the web.

Write and post your blog regularly

How to Make Sure Your Corporate Blog Has Readers

How to Make Sure Your Corporate Blog Has Readers

It is important to train your readers when to expect your blogs. They should know whether you post weekly, daily or monthly. Consistency is very crucial to ensure your readers keep on remembering about you and reading your blogs.

Use great subject lines and headlines

The first thing readers look before reading any blog is the title. It is advisable to use an eye catching lead in order to successfully grab the attention of your readers and other internet visitors.

It is important that you keep the above five ideas in mind to get more visitors read your blog. It is worth noting that it takes a bit of work to ensure that you generate content that appeals to your targeted audience, but it is possible with consistency.

A Few Tips On First Dates And How To Remove The Cringe Factor

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First Dates Can and Should be Fun

If first dates are enough to bring you out in a sweat read on. Some first time dates make brilliant stories to laugh at later. Images or scaling through powder room windows or even feigning food poisoning can be harsh realities for some. The first thoughts that race through one’s mind is: ‘What should I wear?’ Or ‘What can I talk about?’ Or for females ‘Is this too revealing?’ Just to name a few.

First dates can be fun and if you lower your expectations before jumping into the car to meet this new person you could meet a great soul mate or a good friend. The best approach is to see this stranger as a prospective friend and relax and enjoy the evening. Some people are just not for us and understanding that can really take the pressure off.

Armed with a little knowledge about dating etiquette as well as a few personal tips on dress code and conversation could set your mind at ease and give you that little bit more confidence.

First Date Tips: Ways to Eliminate First Date Nerves

First Date Tips: Ways to Eliminate First Date Nerves

Here Are The Top 5 Dating Turnoffs To Avoid:

Check Your Breath

As silly as it sounds breath does make an impact every time we open our mouths to speak. Get a little closer and of course bad breath can be a number one turnoff. Take a small teaspoon and rub in on your tongue, wait for it to dry then smell it! That is how your breaths smells to others. We all should floss anyway and good dental hygiene should be a routine. If this is news to you, brush your teeth well, floss and use a mouth wash. Carry a small packet of peppermints in your pocket or handbag.

Keep Off Hot Topics.

How Many Dates Before You Decide It’s Not a Match?

How Many Dates Before You Decide It’s Not a Match?

Stay off topics that are a ‘no go’ area, like politics, how you feel about abortion, what you think of the democratic party and anything else pretty controversial. Try to keep the topics fun and easy to engage in.

Dress Well.

Men should check that there clothes are well ironed and clean and perhaps leave the over trendy or gimmicky items you sometimes wear when it comes to a first date. Hair should be clean and nails and hands also scrubbed and clean. Females although you are allowed to look sexy do consider what you are trying to say with your clothes. Too much makeup can be a real turnoff.

Manners Do Still Matter to The Person.

Manners never fail to charm and impress, say please and thank you and be attentive to the person you are eating lunch or dinner with. This speaks of having social skills which is always appreciated by any prospective partner.

Don’t Be a ‘Look at Me’ Person.

Forget about bragging and hogging the conversation. Chat is appreciated if it is a two way street. Be interested in your date and forget about yourself for a while. Ask questions, but not overly personal one’s to spark conversation. Learn the art of listening the speaker will really appreciate it.


Think of any date as a chance to get to know another person and perhaps meet a new friend that you could enjoy for the rest of your life. If love does blossom it is a bonus rather than a prerequisite. Relax and be yourself, but be mindful of your manners and above all have fun.

5 Tips For Staying Healthy While Travelling

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Nothing takes off the joy and excitement of a travel adventure like being sick miles away from home. Everyone is prone to sickness and therefore it is always important to take precautionary measures before embarking on a journey. Thinking of germs, stomach revolts, unexpected headaches and painful blisters helps you to avoid nasty travel experiences. Here are 5 tips for staying healthy while travelling;

Always anticipate and plan ahead of you trip

Planning ahead enables you to be prepared for any sickness or health condition that may arise during your travel. You can do this by ensuring that your travel first aid kit contains the essentials i.e. cold medicines (cough suppressant, antihistamine, decongestant, etc.), pain relievers and some anti-diarrheal drugs. In addition, travel sized antibiotic ointments and band aids must also be included in the kit. Also ensure that you carry you prescription drugs in their original container as this will help avoid confiscation.

Drink lots of water

5 Tips for Staying Healthy While Traveling

5 Tips for Staying Healthy While Traveling

Drinking plenty of water enables you to prevent dehydration and hence maintaining good health. It has been established that 50 – 70% of our body weight is attributed to water and therefore keeping your body hydrated helps to prevent infection by harmful germ and viruses. This is particularly important when you are travelling on planes where the humidity level can be as low as the levels experienced in sub-Saharan desert. So ensure that you avoid alcohol and drink a lot of water.

Take enough sleep (especially when travelling on plane)

Research has proved that insufficient sleep or sleep deprivation negatively affects immune functions by causing an increase in cytokines cell production. Cytokines makes the body susceptible to diseases and also interferes with the body’s ability to fight the disease once you’ve contracted it. Therefore having sufficient sleep is an important factor in maintaining good health during travel. For those people who experience difficulty in sleeping (especially during air travels), it is advisable that you see your doctor before you depart

 0 healthy backpackers 5 tips to stay healthy while traveling

healthy backpackers
5 tips to stay healthy while traveling

Take your vitamins

Taking multivitamins helps you to gain some minerals and vitamins that you might not get from your diet. These micronutrients are essential for improving you immune system – by making the body less susceptible to disease. Therefore, you should carry some antioxidants and some natural herbal vitamins (one that you dissolve in water and drink). Alternatively, you can buy some vitamin drinks which are usually ready to drink.

Everything in moderation

Drinking too much, overeating, jet lag and lack of adequate sleep can cause a lot of discomfort and problems to your body. It also contributes to weakened immune system and hence making you prone to disease. It is said that, the best way to avoid jet lag is to prepare well in advance before the trip. Drink less, eat less and sleep more.

All the above mentioned factors will enable you to stay healthy when travelling. Also remember that illnesses are caused by a combination of several environmental factors, an infectious agent and a susceptible host. This means that; if you can be able to control ones susceptibility to disease, then you can avoid ill-health during travel.

Save travel!

Real Estate Investments: Purchasing A Home

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The greatest presentation of the wealth of most people today is real estate investments. Most of such investments are made by home owners especially in the United States where a third of people’s wealth is directed to real estate investments. This is attributed to by the security factors and the high margin in returns. High profile people have ventured into the sector with some investing in short sales, hostels, homes, and student rentals among others. This makes it convenient for any person interested in purchasing a home to readily access one.

Currently, real estate investments are been directed to private homes due to the need by many people to own their homes rather than live in rental homes. This is especially common in the developed countries where most people have moved to live in towns leading to overcrowding. Consequently, many people are now waking up and purchasing their own homes to acquire freedom from the noisy town environment.

3 Alternative Ways to Invest in Real Estate

3 Alternative Ways to Invest in Real Estate

When buying a home, there are various factors that one needs to put into consideration. These factors appropriately guide on where one lays his or her finances. Some of these factors include the economy, interest rates, demographics, and government policies.

Government policy: It is important to understand existing government policies at the time of purchase. This is due to the fact that they highly command on the prices and demand of various real estate properties. Currently, the government has not laid any policies that hinder acquisition of real estate properties. This enables the investors to freely invest in real estate and also sell to any willing buyer at agreeable prices. As a result the market is conducive for both the buyers and the sellers of real estate properties.

Best Year To Buy A House 2012" Report Is Released By Real Estate Investing Wealth Ltd.

Best Year To Buy A House 2012″ Report Is Released By Real Estate Investing Wealth Ltd.

Existing Interest Rates: A potential buyer need to fully understand the market interest rates before commencing purchase procedures. This is because market prices are commanded by the interest rates which influence selling and buying behavior. For example, decreased interest rates affect the rate of mortgage which sequentially affects the mortgage that may be required in home purchase. Home buyers are therefore advised to carefully look at the interest rates and weigh how they will determine the cost required in purchasing one.

Population Demographics: When purchasing a home it is important to consider the demographic patterns in various regions especially the region you are interested in. Demographic are essential in that one is able to understand the population statistics in certain areas. This is important in helping determine the region that appropriately suits the buyer. Studies have shown that most home buyers are not interested in densely populated areas because of the statistics related to such areas. There for one need to understand clearly the demographics of the place he or she is intending to purchase a home.

Generally, purchasing a home requires one to have sufficient knowledge on the factors surrounding the acquisition of the home. This is important in ensuring you land a property that you will comfortably enjoy to live in with your family.

5 Tips For Setting – And Reaching – Realistic Business Goals

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Whether it is about setting goals for your personal life or your business, defining specific and realistic goals is very essential for success. With clear and concise goals in place you can prevent any sort of confusion in regards to the achievement of your goals and objectives. Realistic business goals provide intense momentum and direction to your efforts -without putting you on the path of stagnation. Read on for some valuable tips for setting – and reaching – Realistic Business Goals.

Tip #1 Have a clear understanding of what you desire to achieve

The first step towards reaching your goals is connected with a thorough understanding of what you desire to achieve. A clear concept of where you desire to reach is important for designing a route to get there. Once you have a clear perspective of where you want to be (in a particular frame of time), you will find it easy to sync your goals and plans with your efforts. So, it is very important to ponder and brainstorm over your short as well as long term desires and dreams -before setting your goals.

6 Tips to Help Set Realistic Ramadan Goals – And Stick to Them!

6 Tips to Help Set Realistic Ramadan Goals – And Stick to Them!

Tip #2 Set a clear time frame

Setting a time frame for your plans will steer you in the right direction to meet your goals. You can plan out your actions along a pre defined timeline and this helps in quick results, non-procrastination and achievement of your realistic goals. A well framed timeline provides you with specific ideas to get what you want within tight deadlines. However, this time frame should be flexible and capable of inculcating changes—as and when they appear. The act also allows minimum deviation from your main goals and objectives.

Tip# 3 Make your goals realistic

How to Set Freelancing Goals that Really Make Sense

How to Set Freelancing Goals that Really Make Sense

Realistic goals guarantee their achievement; without indulging in stress of any kind. Goals which are impractical and out of reach are hard to attain and often see the face of failure. Long term goals should be effectively broken down into smaller and short term goals for their success. Achievement of these short multiple goals provide high levels of motivation and inspire you to continue on the correct path.

Tip # 4 Be specific while setting your goals

Your goals should reflect what you desire to achieve. Vague generalities are best avoided. Specific goals are easy to accomplish as they can be planned out well—in alignment to the time frame and action steps. Specifics eliminate the presence of any guesswork and therefore your goals become all the more measurable and realistic.

Tip # 5 Keep fine tuning your goals

It is important to note that your business goals may change over a period of time. It is important to keep fine tuning your goals to make them more realistic, specific and achievable. It is also essential to accept change and keep re-visiting your goals periodically- to make changes as and when necessary.

Most people end up floundering through their lifetime and are unsure of their goals and business purposes. To avoid this, you should strive to make your goals specific and realistic and go all out to achieve them.